Russian Vs. Chinese Traffic Accidents

Russia and China are my two favourite nations when it comes the heavily celebrated (on Youtube) sport of colliding motor vehicles in to one another, as well as fellow citizens with underdeveloped peripheral vision.

While Russia takes a high velocity approach, China tries it’s luck with low impact alternatives. Let’s take a look, shall we?



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CIA Aledgedly Drugs Entire French Town with Bread Containing LSD in the 50′s

What better place to test out your new cool new psychedelics than a small town in the Nazi-trampled, grief-stricken, war-ravaged remnants of a post second world war France? Apparently the CIA couldn’t think of any. Plus I can’t imagine them being dreadfully fond of the French (what with all the anti-French anecdotes littering American comedy).

On August 15th 1951, residents of the Southern French village of Pont Saint Espirit underwent what appeared to be an inexplicable mass psychosis. At the time the incident was simply dubbed “the cursed bread” as the villagers who had consumed bread that day seemed to be those who were the most strongly affected. By the incident’s end- which spanned three days- 5 people had died and over 50 had been entered into asylums.

One man reportedly thought his heart had somehow exited his chest and pleaded a doctor to retrieve and return in it to it’s place. Another believed himself to have taken on some of the characteristics of a warplane and jumped of a roof expecting to fly, but unsurprisingly shattering his legs in the process. An 11 year old boy attempted to strangle his grandmother. The list of oddities goes on. Around 300 people reported strange hallucinations, all of those that died had committed suicide.

The leading theory at the time didn’t seem too uniform. Ergot- the fungus from which LSD is synthesized- was thought to be the culprit. It wouldn’t be the first time: ergot grows on rye, and before modern food processing techniques, it’d sometimes make its way into rye bread, causing strange visions, hypertension and death in an wretched casserole of incomprehensible hallucinations and jaw-numbing pain known as St. Anthony’s Fire. However, if this were the case and the ergot infestation had somehow bypassed the safety protocols at food processing facilities and made it into the villagers’ bread supply, many of the afflicted would have been met with physiological deaths, rather than serious psychotic episodes resulting in suicides. Other theories proposed over the years included mercury poisoning and trichloramine bleach (illegal bleaching of bread) poisoning. Again, the problem with these hypotheses was the fact that there were no direct deaths to speak of and no autopsies revealed a poison or contaminant.

In recent years American investigative journalist Hank Albarelli seems to have uncovered a most unusual puzzle, the details of which can be found in his novel “A Terrible Mistake” (link to Amazon book ‘look inside’ preview). Paperwork uncovered involves the CIA confidentially ordering mass amounts of LSD and LSD analogues from the Swiss Sandoz Labs (now Novartis), the leading ergot experimenting facility of the time.

This all began when Albarelli uncovered a document linking the CIA’s Project MKULTRA- which liberally experimented on humans using psychememetic substances- to the Pont Saint Espirit incident. Utilizing the Freedom of Information Act, he was able to uncover a few relevant documents, including one from Sandoz Labs stating that the CIA’s Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, Maryland had commissioned Sandoz to produce a massive quantity of LSD-analogues. The reports suggest that not only the bread at Pont Saint Espirit was tainted, but that attempts were made to release the chemicals in an airborne fashion (those attempts did not appear to bear fruit, although that is not specifically mentioned in any of the reports).

As I read through the pages of Albarelli’s novel that were available to me, something strange (yeah, even stranger) became evident: Albarelli seemed to insinuate that the CIA’s motive behind this entire fiasco was to frighten a microbiologist who was under their own employ into suicide. A certain Frank Olson. This was too much. I don’t typically entertain conspiracy theories and the only reason I had found this one so intriguing was the ironic comedy (French people greatly enjoy and take seeming perverse pleasure in bread, let’s put LSD into it- LOL) and it’s downright bizarre nature.

I immediately began investigating; what started as a Wikipedia search ended in me finding a repository of information gathered by Dr. Frank Orson’s sons attempting to amalgamate as much evidence as possible to prove that their father was assassinated by the CIA through repetitive drugging unbeknownst without warning. One such case occurred when Frank briefly worked in the town of Pont Saint Espirit. Two years after the Pont Saint Espirit incident, Frank committed suicide by jumping from a window while on a dose of LSD which his sons claim he had not ingested of his own free will.

Now Frank Olson’s younglings (who are now in their sixties, so I probably ought not be calling them that) aren’t just your everyday conspiracy-pushing gullible crackpots. One’s a surgeon and the other is a departmental head for research in cell biology at the University of Texas, Southwestern. Their family even received an undisclosed settlement from the US government for their tragedy after three decades of attempting to shine light on what had happened to their father.

This is likely a good juncture for me to reiterate that I’m a very skeptical person (hint: see blog name) and do not easily give in to speculative hypothesizing. An overwhelming quantity of evidence suggests that the CIA drugged a town full of people in France’s wine country, for no reason other than fanciful experimentation and to slowly drive one of their own staff to his demise.




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FACT: If You Do Not Keep A Close Eye On Your Genetalia, They May Scurry Away

Fun fact: If not satisfied or treated with respect, genitalia tend to throw a tantrum, grow legs and leave their host.

Penis and clitoris walking away

Attention: if you are a woman and, in light of this new information, worried about any neglect your vagina may be receiving, I may be able to help.
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Side-effect From Antidepressants: Girl has 200 Orgasms per Day

Sarah Carmen the Orgasm GirlSide effects may include nausea, dizziness, shortness-of-breath, water retention and hundreds of orgasms a day? That certainly wasn’t on the packaging.

Meet Sarah Carmen; not your physiologically typical London girl. At the age of 19, Sarah was prescribed anti-depressants and noticed a very peculiar side effect almost immediately: she began experiencing mass quantities of sporadic orgasms. Day after day, her orgasms increased in both intensity and quantity. Within six months, her orgasm count had escalated to 150-200 a day. Today Sarah is 24 and anything can set her off, from lightly erotic conversation to the vibrations from a washing machine.

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder or PGAD (formerly known as PSAS; persistent sexual arousal syndrome) is a condition that increases blood-flow to the reproductive organs to unnatural levels.

Life isn’t all sunshine, lollipops and orgasms for poor little Sarah though. “Sometimes, I have so much sex to try to calm myself down that I get bored of it. And the men I sleep with don’t seem to make as much of an effort anymore because I climax so readily.” So basically, orgasms are cool, but it sort of blows when every chair you sit on ends up smelling like your vagina and the creepy homeless guy down the street causes uncontrollable genital spasms when he tosses another poorly thought-out pickup line at you.

Apparently, due to the rarity of PGAD, a lot of experts mock Sarah and question the existence of her condition. Well I think I speak for every technologically savvy young man on the internet when I say: fuck you, experts. I think Sarah’s awesome, for [testosterone related] reasons I can’t seem to quite understand.

Source via [News of the World - UK]

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To LOL Shark, and Beyond.

To LOL Shark, and Beyond.

It would appear that I have developed an unhealthy obsession with sharks, of late.

It isn’t even close to shark week (apparently, the last week of July),
But behold!

it's too dangerous take this shark

shark got take out

scuba diver santa bicycle

shark can has bluetooth

derp shark

excuse me was looking at water shark

i is lolshark cat say

cat shark genetic engineering

batman shark lightsaber

shark nun robot

bear shark octopus bearsharktopus

crab shark

it's a shark

flying shark

surprise attacks

sad shark is sad

kayak canoe shark fairly tense experience

space shark

space shark fails

save our lives

Gots mores betters sharks?

Comments plz!  <3

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Drunk Unarmed Serb Inadvertently Kills Renegade Egyptian Shark

Eastern European tourists aren’t frightened by an awful lot and intoxicated Eastern European tourists even less.

Serbian tourist kills Egyptian Shark, 2010

Dragan Stevich of Serbia, pictured beside the 23 foot victim of his intoxication.

Last November, Russian and Ukranian tourists vacationing in Egypt’s popular tourist destination by the Red Sea- Sharm El Sheikh- were told of a predatory shark in the water. In their intoxication they misinterpreted this warning to be a challenge, which naturally lead to a shark attack. Furthermore, they continued to swim with the shark, causing four different instances of injury by shark bite on separate days. Would the shores of Sharm El Sheikh ever be safe again?

Enter Serbian master alcoholic Dragan Stevich. Dragan doesn’t remember much from the evening of December 19th, 2010. Consuming copious amounts of alcohol and gallivanting around town with buddies seems to make Eastern Europeans forget all about giant predatory man-eating sea creatures.

Stumbling down the beach, Dragan’s group of friends makes a most enlightened decision to go for a swim. Shortly thereafter, our protagonist notices a tall pier. His friend Milovan describes what follows:

“He told me to hold his beer and rushed toward the pier, I didn’t even have time to stop him, he climbed to the top, pushed off a plank and jumped into the water- but the splash was not nearly as big as we expected.”. He swam back and told his friends he had somehow sprained his ankle, soon after which he had to pay the hospital a visit for treatment from alcohol poisoning.

It turns out, Dragan landed directly on the 7 metre (23 feet) long killer shark’s head, killing it from the blunt trauma of the impact. The shark’s corpse was found the next morning. And so, hailed “the hero of Egyptian tourism”, Dragan returns to Serbia with no recollection of his triumph, and a massively overinflated ego.

via [ Sostav Russia] | [Huffington Post]

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