Keywurl For Safari 5 (Download)

Note: This doesn’t work for the new Safari 6 on OSX Lion.

Search Google and Wikipedia Right from the Safari address bar.

Just like in Chrome and Firefox (if not better).

Most Leopard and Snow Leopard users get all excited about Keywurl, only to discover that it doesn’t actually work in the latest versions of Safari 5.

Download this hacked version below, unpack it and install the package.
Once you restart Safari you’ll be able to set your search engines.

*Whimper* but it’s still not working!

Manual Hack:
➥ Download Keywurl from the official website.
➥ Quit Safari
➥ Navigate to “/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins”
➥ Right click on “keywurl.bundle” to “show package contents”
➥ Open “info.plist” in textedit
➥ Edit the line under “MaxBundleVersion”, changing the string to something like 6999.99 (allowing compatibility of future versions), save.
➥ Open Safari

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