Drunk Unarmed Serb Inadvertently Kills Renegade Egyptian Shark

Eastern European tourists aren’t frightened by an awful lot and intoxicated Eastern European tourists even less.

Serbian tourist kills Egyptian Shark, 2010

Dragan Stevich of Serbia, pictured beside the 23 foot victim of his intoxication.

Last November, Russian and Ukranian tourists vacationing in Egypt’s popular tourist destination by the Red Sea- Sharm El Sheikh- were told of a predatory shark in the water. In their intoxication they misinterpreted this warning to be a challenge, which naturally lead to a shark attack. Furthermore, they continued to swim with the shark, causing four different instances of injury by shark bite on separate days. Would the shores of Sharm El Sheikh ever be safe again?

Enter Serbian master alcoholic Dragan Stevich. Dragan doesn’t remember much from the evening of December 19th, 2010. Consuming copious amounts of alcohol and gallivanting around town with buddies seems to make Eastern Europeans forget all about giant predatory man-eating sea creatures.

Stumbling down the beach, Dragan’s group of friends makes a most enlightened decision to go for a swim. Shortly thereafter, our protagonist notices a tall pier. His friend Milovan describes what follows:

“He told me to hold his beer and rushed toward the pier, I didn’t even have time to stop him, he climbed to the top, pushed off a plank and jumped into the water- but the splash was not nearly as big as we expected.”. He swam back and told his friends he had somehow sprained his ankle, soon after which he had to pay the hospital a visit for treatment from alcohol poisoning.

It turns out, Dragan landed directly on the 7 metre (23 feet) long killer shark’s head, killing it from the blunt trauma of the impact. The shark’s corpse was found the next morning. And so, hailed “the hero of Egyptian tourism”, Dragan returns to Serbia with no recollection of his triumph, and a massively overinflated ego.

via [ Sostav Russia] | [Huffington Post]

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